Tabataba Tloubatla has been described as a Financial Analyst, versed in the art of Corporate Finance, Investment Banking, Equity, Derivatives and Fixed Income Investments; a financial markets professional capable of reading the economic matrices as though reading the back of his hand with experience from JSE where he is currently working.

In the academic sphere, he has studied Investments, Hons Finance, Bsc Maths and Stats, B.Informatics, etc, curious about the world and wanting to learn all that he can across fields with the hope of making an impact through science.

Going forward he has the goal of studying an MBA and a Doctorate in future. Tabataba is known by many as a Motivational Speaker, loving to instil the view that life is lost if it is approached as a “past” or a “future”, that victory comes if it is approached as a “now” with the fullness of one’s confidence, will power and purpose. He sees himself as a full time student of life and people, not science; a patriotic South African whose entrepreneurial edge makes him hopeful of achieving great exploits to his benefit and of those around him.